• Places to Visit This Summer in the Twin Cities

    The Twin Cities are a wonderful destination for nights out, days filled with exploring, and almost anything in between. Caught up in our suburban work life, it may be hard to remember everything the cities have to offer for some fun, especially when we’re not stuck inside because of the cold! Her... View Post
  • How to Use Your Turkish Towel ~ 6 Ways to make the most of this gorgeous textile

    1. Picnic Blanket or Beach Towel Summers in Minnesota can be best spent at the beautiful local parks, or at one of the ~10,000~ lakes. Use your towel to lay out on while boating or relaxing on the beach, and additionally for a picnic outing with your loved ones!   2. Shawl Breezy evenings are co... View Post
  • Styling the Turkish Towel for the Beach

    A Turkish towel is not really just a towel. It is a multi purpose travel bestie! A minimalist's dream!

    You can wrap a Turkish Towel to be a dress, swim cover-up, bag, beach towel & more...

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