How to use Your Turkish Towel ~ 6 ways to make the most of this gorgeous textile

1. Picnic blanket or beach towel

Summers in Minnesota can be best spent at the beautiful local parks or at one of the 10,000 lakes. Use your towel while boating or relaxing on the beach, or additionally for a picnic outing with loved ones.

Turkish Towel as a Picnic Blanket

Turkish Towel for the Beach


2. Shawl

Breezy evenings are commonplace during the warmer seasons - transform your towel into a shawl that adds some interest to your outfit while keeping you warm and comfortable. It's a fitting item to bring along on vacation for any evening outing or adventure.

Turkish Towel Wrap

Turkish Towel Shawl


3. Head wrap/hair towel

Our Turkish towels are lightweight so they work well as a stylish accessory for your hair. Get creative and style the head wrap however you like! They are also super absorbent, allowing them to quickly dry your hair after washing.

 Turkish Towel Hair Wrap

Turkish Towel Hair Wrap


4. Shoulder bag

On your way to any adventure this summer, convert your Turkish towel into a bag to carry around anything from sunglasses to your favorite magazine. It’s so easy and allows you to not have to worry about buying another tote.

Turkish Towel as a Shoulder Bag


5. Bathroom towel or home decor

Any average towel may get the job done, but crafting your bathroom into having its own style with Turkish towels is a great way to make your house feel even more like home. These towels are special, sophisticated, and will add a luxurious touch to the bathroom. If you're looking for a decorative piece to put on the couch or any chair, they are a perfect option for this as well. 

KISA Turkish Towels

The Rainbow Pattern Towel-blanket on a chair


6. For your furry friend!!

Turkish Towel for Dogs

Buy more of your favorite towels here.

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