My Founder Story featuring KISA co-founder; Emily Johnson Kisa

Hello Everyone! 

I wanted to take a minute here to honor the work, Chris Olson is doing over at My Founder's Story. Every week she is featuring women who are starting businesses, sustaining businesses & creating movements!

I was honored when she highlighted me, Emily Johnson Kisa, in her series. She told of my history as a young girl of beading on my bed which that love of exploration & play continued into adult hood...

"Decades later, Emily once again found herself drawn to something delicate and beautiful. Only this time it was halfway around the world. As she studied abroad in Turkey, she was deeply moved by the country’s rich history and culture—the arts and crafts, the fashions, the food. In particular, she was struck by the intricate crocheted trim that local village women in Istanbul sewed onto the border of their headscarves. Emily took that inspiration and combined it with her love for jewelry, designing a line of crocheted necklaces..."

Read more of my story here or become inspired by all the other amazing people of at My Founder's Story!

Thanks Chris!

Here's a little gem of a founder's photo circa 2007...

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