Layering Like A Pro

The biggest fear when it comes to layering is looking bigger than you are. Well, Ladies, I am here to help you know how to layer this Fall so that you are warm and flattered. Layering can make for such a cute outfit by just combining simple items. Layering also helps with all the temperature changes you encounter - especially as a Minnesotan. You're outside and FREEZING and then walk inside and start sweating. So let's talk some basic styling tips... 

1. Start Thin
Your bottom layer typically should be the thinest layer. It also helps if this top is fitted so we don't lose your shape right off the bat. Keep this base layer a solid and neutral tone. This will allow you to add more color and pattern flairs as you layer. Last, make sure this fitted top is a great stand alone piece as well. It may be cold outside, but if you want to take off your layers as soon as you walk inside, you will be glad your top looks amazing on its own. 
2. Be Careful About Your Colors
Picking your colors is where it is easy to turn a great layered outfit into an overload of Crayola. However, when color is used right, it looks amazing. It is actually pretty simple. Try to either use tonal colors such as: white, grey, black, and nudes. These mix easily with each other and do not over power. When using these colors it is easy to add in a pop of color, such as a bright orange or pink, or even a busy pattern. Another option is to layer items that are within the same hue. For example, if you choose blue, layer light and dark blues and maybe even add in a navy. 
3. Use Patterns As an Accent

Patterns add in a lot when layering. It adds a little something unexpected and intriguing. Make sure that the pattern mixes in with the color scheme you have already decided upon. If you are ready to bump it up a notch, you can even try layering patterns. What? Yes, you read that right. Add in that second pattern to your outfit. And here is how:

Rules to Pattern Mixing While Layering

1. Patterns need to coordinate color tones or at least compliment each other.

2. In order for the patterns not to look too busy, choose a small pattern for one and a larger pattern for the second. (ex. a small check with a large stripe, or a small stripe with a large polka dot)

3. Last, allow one patterned item to be apart of the base of your ensemble (ex. coat, shirt, sweater), and the other pattern to be an accessory (ex. hat, scarf, clutch, socks)

4. Be Aware of The Fabrics of Your Pieces

When layering, try to mix up the types of materials. For example, if you start with a fitted sweater, try a jean or corduroy jacket on top. Mixing up the fabrics will add depth and definition so your body isn't lost in all the layers. 

**Don't forget to play with texture in your looks and add in accessories such as jewelry, bags, and hats. These are the finishing touches to any look.

Thanks for reading! And stay tuned for more fashion tips. 


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