Keeping Your Professional Outfits Personal

Just because you sit at a desk and go to meetings means you have to wear a basic pantsuit or skirt that everyone else wears, right? NO WAY!
Here at KISA we love to make professional wear fun. Don't lose your personal style just because you have to be professional. Try to think of some things you love to add to your after work outfits and then think how to incorporate them into work-wear. These added personal touches might even boost your confidence. Be the one to stand out at the office!
// Here are 4 easy ways to add some personal flair to your business professional looks //
(Pictured: Lace blouse paired with pinstripe loose dress pant from KISA. Blouse available in white or black.)
Texture is so fun and easy to add to an outfit because it can be a simple color such as white or black and still visually interesting. Texture adds interest to an outfit that will make people look twice. When picking out a simple work shirt, challenge yourself to pick out something with an interesting texture to it - whether it be lace, embroidery, or a textured stripe or polka dot. 
Pop of Color
(Pictured: Black Nicollet Blazer, white flowy top, and mustard skirt from KISA.)
Who says you have to wear black or white to be professional?! Spice up your outfit by adding a fun pop of color. Simply pick which item you want to be your accent and style your outfit around that piece. Your color piece could be your shirt, jacket, pants, skirt or even your shoes! If you decide to wear white and black on top, take out your red pumps to pair with it. Don't be afraid to add color to your outfits.
So, maybe color isn't your thing. Or it is just a little bit out of your comfort zone. Try adding some accessories to break up your outfit! Accessories could be a good place to start adding a little color to your outfit. Try a statement necklace or some big earrings. Accessories are a good way to start because they are just a small addition without being overpowering. 
Patterns & Pattern mixing
(Pictured: Navy striped wrap dress & pinstripe loose dress pant from KISA.)
Patterns are also an easy addition. You can wear patterns at your own comfort level depending on which item you choose to be your pattern piece. You can start with a small amount of pattern in your outfit. Maybe it is just a small stripe or polka dot on your pants, or a flower print shirt under a blazer- whatever it is you choose, patterns will make your professional outfit stand out and personal to your own style. If you really want to challenge yourself, try pattern mixing. Start with a simple pattern such as a small stripe on bottom. Then add a large floral or polka-dot top (or vice-versa). The key to pattern mixing is having one print be small, and the other large. Try to keep the patterns in the same color-ways to make for a cohesive look. 
FASHION CHALLENGE: Challenge yourself to bring your personal style in to work each day! It always makes the work day more enjoyable when you feel great and comfortable in what you are wearing. 

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