• My KISA Moment Interviews // deep dive ~ bold jewelry & bold confidence with Andrea Gharritt

    Bold bright shapes & curated color perfection!

    That is what comes to mind when we think of Jac & Violet handmade statement earrings ~ after all the tagline is "Wear your Art." Investigating further the woman behind the jewelry line, Andrea Gharritt we have learned to love even harder as she is having hard conversations around women and our love/hate relationships with our bodies. As a Functional nutritionist & Wellness Coach she guides woman (i'm sure men too) into rocking their beautiful multi-faceted bodies in healthy and mindful ways ~ breaking down all the bullshit of past body trama we have all experienced in some way! 

    We may have dressed her in a bunch of KISA & paired in her earrings too!

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  • STYLE FOR ALL SIZES // KISA x VanessaStyleShop ~ Travel Ideas

    In this week's video we talk about fun ways in which you can style outfits, and outfit ideas for any travel plans you may have coming up!  View Post
  • STYLE FOR ALL SIZES // KISA x VanessaStyleShop ~ with Vanessa Dembo and Emily Johnson Kisa

    Vanessa and Emily met at a pop-up in Minneapolis and immediately started buying colorful accessories from each other! SO they thought it would be fun to do some videos together!

    Both are entrepreneurs bringing in items from countries close to their hearts: Vanessa was born in Venezuela and Emily is from MN but lived many years in Turkey.

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