• Signature KISA Coat Back For Winter

    This blogpost will show you our Signature Classic Coats along with a new coat we have in this winter. All of the color and sizing information can be found here. View Post
  • Layering Like A Pro

    The biggest fear when it comes to layering is looking bigger than you are.  Layering can make for such a cute outfit by just combining simple items to make an outfit. Layering also helps with all the temperature changes you encounter - especially as a Minnesotan. You're outside and FREEZING and then walk inside and start sweatingWell, Ladies, I am here to help you know how to layer this Fall so that you are warm and flattered. View Post
  • Flatter Your Body With Your Clothes

    There is not one standard body out there, Ladies. Shopping can be frustrating when things are just not looking right. This blog is intended to give you some tips to make the shopping experience a little less stressful. My goal is to give you ladies some ideas of which pieces of clothing will automatically show off your body so you can go into the store and find those items more easily. View Post