• Hamsa + Evil Eye Jeweled Pendant Necklace

Hamsa + Evil Eye Jeweled Pendant Necklace


The Evil eye protects its wearer from evil, harm, and jealousy. Carrying powerful meaning and cultural traditions, this perfect, wearable token will ensure you or your loved one is surrounded by only goodness. 

Available in Sterling Silver, Classic Gold, or Rose Gold with your choice of Red or Green "eye," these versatile necklaces wear extremely well and easily lend themselves to layering. Try yours as an everyday charm or as a darling touch for a special occasion. 

This necklace features a sterling silver base with crystal detailing and is plated with your choice of Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver.

+++++Note: Would you like a RED or GREEN stone?+++++++++++++++++++

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Length 18"

Handmade in Turkey