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Handmade Crocheted Necklace // Raspberry, Rosewood & Pink


 Kisa's handmade OYA accessories combine crochet with modern color palettes and styles to re-imagine a timeless craft.  Completely unique to Kisa, these dynamic necklaces feature a lush variety of textures and shades.  Eye-catching as neck wear, this item may also be carefully styled as a floral crown for the right recipient. 

As a handmade item, slight variation is a special part of each necklace and each piece may be one-of-a-kind or small batch.  We organize our necklaces by colorways to give you a good idea of the palette of your unique piece. We will try to give you the exact piece you order but it may be sold out and we will contact you with a similar colorway for you approval before shipping. 

If you'd like to select exactly which necklace will be sent to you, please contact us when prior placing your order or visit our store KISA or one of our retail partners.

18" in length

100% synthetic thread with assorted beading

Handmade in Turkey